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The Biomedical Optics Lab at the University of Campinas

We are a research lab that develops optical technology for open problems in Neuroscience and in Medicine, with the aim to improve clinical care and better understand how the brain works. 

latest publications

Clara Gregori-Pla et al. / Blood flow response to orthostatic challenge identifies signatures of the failure of static cerebral autoregulation in patients with cerebrovascular disease. BMC Neurology (2021)

Shin-Ting Wu et al. / Accurate image-guided (re)placement of NIRS probes. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine (2021)

Sergio Novi et al. / Integration of spatial information increases reproducibility in functional near-infrared spectroscopy. Frontiers in Neuroscience (2020)

Rodrigo M. Forti et al. / Real-time non-invasive assessment of cerebral hemodynamics with diffuse optical spectroscopies in a neuro intensive care unit: an observational case study. Frontiers in Medicine (2020)

lab news

Blog / Keep up to date with our research and events


Research /  Our lab partners with the Clinical Hospital and a muti center effort for use of diffuse optics to beat COVID-19.

Collaboration / Developing a neuronavigation system to improve fNIRS precision in functional neuroscience. 

Research /  Guidelines for fNIRS analysis in neuroscience studies involving speech is published by our lab

Members / First lab PhD awarded for our Rodrigo Forti, who now moves on as a post-doctoral fellow

Collaboration / Imaging brain development in babies with light at Minas Gerais, Brazil

Education / Lab hosts school on biophotonics in São Carlos, SP, Brazil

Research /  Our lab develops the first hybrid diffuse optical system for monitoring critical care in Latin America

Collaboration / Collaborative work to target new therapies for stroke patients in Brazil and in the USA.

Dissemination / Students from UFSCar visit our lab and learn about applications of diffuse optics in neuroscience

Events / Five posters from our lab presented during the fNIRS conference in Tokyo, Japan

social media

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Scholarships / We do have opportunities for short- and long-terms. Contact us if you are interested 

where are we?

Campinas, SP (Brazil) 

With over one million habitants, Campinas is a suburban city located 100 km away from the city of São Paulo in the southeast of Brazil. The city is known for its culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in technology, and it is frequently compared to the Brazilian Silicon Valley.  

University of Campinas (UNICAMP) 

UNICAMP is one of the two top research Universities in Brazil and one of the top Universities in Latin America. Founded in 1966 as a tech pole, today it leads the country in number of patents among all Universities and published papers per faculty member; it is responsible for ~8% of all of Brazil's articles in scientific journals. 

A technological environment  

The leadership and culture at UNICAMP inspired the creation of hundreds startups and technological centers around the main University campus which accelerate the country efforts to novel developments in material science, photonics, communications and several other fields, including healthcare. 



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The Biomedical Optics Lab

High quality research in optics applied to Medicine and Biology

Institute of Physics (IFGW),University of Campinas (UNICAMP), R. Sergio Buarque de Holanda, 777, Campinas, SP (Brazil)  13083-859

Tel: +55 (19) 3521 1156 / +55 (19) 3521 0137

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